A-Kon 2013 {Noelle & Nicole}

This June I went out to the Dallas Anime Convention, also known as A-Kon.  I have had the privilege of doing this 2 years in a row thanks to Bayonetta and Perra Gata, Aka Noelle and Nicole.  You might recognize them from their costumes last year, when they were dressed as She Ra & Coco!

These ladies had some friends to capture the moments with this year, Stay Puft, Bullet Wound, and Damion.   Their costumes were awesome as usual. I look forward to next years shoot!




Maddie {Feeding Ducks}

Last weekend we went to Lake Arlington and Miss Maddie Faye handed out breadcrumbs to all the little ducks.   She really enjoyed watching them eat as she threw the bread at them, and run as she chased them. 🙂  Here are a few shots from our special time.

Teresa {Baby Bump}

Teresa was the winner of our contest back in May.  Since she is expecting, she wanted to wait to do her shoot so that she could show off her baby bump.   She is having a baby girl named Brooklyn, sometime very soon.  Here are a few shots from her session at Veterans Park in Arlington, TX.  She looks so cute, and carries that baby so well! 🙂




Baby Elias {Newborn photoshoot}

Last week I took a trip to my hometown, Topeka Kansas.  My first stop was at St. Francis hospital to visit my dear friend since 7th grade, Ashley Luttjohann.  She and her husband Andrew were hanging out in the newborn wing with their one day old, first born son, Elias.  I was lucky enough to not only hold him and visit him in the hospital, but to take some of his first photos! It was my pleasure to take pictures of such an adorable little boy.   I was also thrilled that Ashley and Andrews girls were there to be in some of the photos as well.   🙂

Light Painting w/LED hoop {Glow Flow}

This weekend I went to a show at Trees in Dallas. I went to see Nadis Warriors who are amazing.  While there, I came upon an imagination station.  There were all sorts of things happening.  One that struck my eye in particular was the girl behind the lens.  Her name was Jenny and she was taking photos of strings of LED lights. I was definitely intrigued. She saw my LED hoop and immediately wanted to try taking a photo of it.  The photos were phenomenal.   The people in charge were apart of the Illuminariums Light Painting Project.   I had to do what they were doing.

Recently I read a book called “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon.  After reading that I have felt compelled to try something that I see that intrigues me. So I have done just that.  Here are a couple photos from a test run I did last night. 🙂

Shawn & Chris Loomer {Wedding}

You might recognize Shawn and Chris from their Engagement Photos or from Shawn’s Bridals.  I had a fantastic time shooting their adorable wedding at Lockheart Gables.  Shawn and Chris have been together for so long, its almost like they were already married. But I am so thrilled that they chose me to take their photos when they tied the real knot.  Shawn made a stunning bride and Chris was so handsome, they are the perfect couple.