Check out the logo on that, baby!

I have been playing with new logo ideas for a while now.  As I am still working on my branding, I just wanted to give you a sneak peek of the new logo!  Here it is:

Here is a black and white shot of Maddie with the logo 🙂


Hey gorgeous!

I like to refer to myself as the awesome one.  In fact, a lot of folks do.  I am pretty easy going and yet I am high maintenance. (I mean come on, I am a WOMAN!) You can read more about me in my information section.  I am not going to leave you here to read a one page essay on why you should check out my blog.  So here it is:  This is a blog of my love for photography.  I see things differently than I used to.  I feel like every time I see something that strikes my interest I need to capture it thru my lens.  I love art. I love photography. I love people.  This is me. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in setting up a shoot.