Brianna & Victor {Engagements}

Last weekend I had the pleasure of doing an engagement shoot with one of the most awesome couples I have ever met, Brianna & Victor.  These two met at the Tanstaffl Pub, a local bar in Arlington,  just about 3 years ago.  They have been together ever since. On August 5th, Victor asked Brianna to spend the rest of her life with him, and she said yes. They will say their “I do’s” on 3/1/13.

During our shoot we went back to the exact spot that they met one another, and recreated the moment.  It was awesome.     You can just tell that these two share a love that other people dream about.  I was honored to help capture it in these pictures. 🙂


First we took a trip to Veterans Park in Arlington.

After a few shots of them in their natural state of being, we thought we would bring out some of their favorite things during the shoot to use as props – (part of) Victor’s drum set and Brianna’s mound of books.  🙂

Next, we headed to the place they first met, Tanstaffl pub.

Lastly, we took a small trip to the Fort Worth Stockyards.



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