Shawn & Chris Loomer {Wedding}

You might recognize Shawn and Chris from their Engagement Photos or from Shawn’s Bridals.  I had a fantastic time shooting their adorable wedding at Lockheart Gables.  Shawn and Chris have been together for so long, its almost like they were already married. But I am so thrilled that they chose me to take their photos when they tied the real knot.  Shawn made a stunning bride and Chris was so handsome, they are the perfect couple.




Shawn Marie {Bridals}

This was a very special shoot for me.  One of my first friends in Texas and closest friend at that, allowed me to photograph her bridal portraits and her wedding.    I teared up when I saw how stunning she was in that beautiful gown.  I knew she was going to be a breathtaking bride, but I didn’t realize I would get so emotional.  Here is a sneak peek of her bridal shots.  (Wedding sneak peek will be available shortly) 🙂

Noelle & Nicole {She Ra & Coco}

Saturday I got an awesome opportunity to shoot a couple of ladies who had hand made their costumes for the A-Kon Anime Convention in Dallas.  Noelle and Nicole were so much fun, and totally adorable. We drove down to Deep Ellum and got some playful shots of their alter egos, She Ra and Coco.  By the end of this shoot, it felt like these girls were 2 of my friends!