Little “Baby” Vega

Other than photographing my own cats, I haven’t done much of animal photography.  This is Vega.  She is a 7 week old Terrier/Collie mix.  A very sweet little pup, with two amazing parents – Ashley & Stephen.  They came over to my house for a mini session in my front yard, and might I add – PUPPIES ARE FAST! 🙂  It was really hard keeping up with Vega, she just wanted to run and play.  I forgot how energetic these little “babies” can be.


Blue Bonnets with Kiersten

A stunning beauty, this California lady has a knack for modeling.   Kiersten made the term “natural” come to light for me.  It wasn’t hard at all to capture great shots of her.  I have known Kiersten for years. She is back in town visiting for the week and she wanted to have a shoot in what Texas is known best for, their Blue Bonnets.


Ayden & Aaron’s Easter Session

Take a look at these stud muffins!  I swear, they don’t get much cuter than this.  Meet big brother Ayden and baby brother Aaron.  Ayden is 4 and Aaron is almost 11 months.  My friend Michelle has got some little cuties on her hands.  We had a wonderful time going back to the Blue Bonnets for an Easter session.  It wasn’t very hard to capture great photos with such adorable models.  I can’t wait to do another shoot with them.  Maybe we can squeeze Mom & Dad in next time. 😉

Madelyn & Lillyann in the Blue Bonnets

Look at these beautiful angels. This is daughter Madelyn and her best friend Lillyann.   Maddie is the brown eyed blondie, and Lilly is the blue eyed brunette. They are both 2 years old and both of them love the outdoors.  We found the most amazing patch of Blue Bonnets, surprisingly not on the side of a highway.  It was perfect for a little mini session for these two! Not to mention, 2 year old’s run very fast, so it was good there was a safe place to capture these moments.  Although it was hard keeping up with them since they were both always on the go.

Kelsee’s “Just for Fun” shoot

This is Kelsee:  A fun, free spirited, florist.  We got together for a very fun shoot in my backyard.  She was pleased to model for me in her red-hot high heels.  I might add, that she is a gem, and I am not just saying that because she happens to be one of my best friends.  We had a lot of fun capturing some of her natural poses.  With this shoot I went for a vintage like feel.  She made it easy to catch a great photo!

Hey gorgeous!

I like to refer to myself as the awesome one.  In fact, a lot of folks do.  I am pretty easy going and yet I am high maintenance. (I mean come on, I am a WOMAN!) You can read more about me in my information section.  I am not going to leave you here to read a one page essay on why you should check out my blog.  So here it is:  This is a blog of my love for photography.  I see things differently than I used to.  I feel like every time I see something that strikes my interest I need to capture it thru my lens.  I love art. I love photography. I love people.  This is me. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in setting up a shoot.